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論文名:<03>Tree-Style Strategy for the Growth of Corporations
――A Kind of Analysis Framework of Corporate Strategy――





Tree-Style Strategy/Corporate Strategy/Growth of Corporation/Analogy/Analysis Framework


The purpose of this paper is to exhibit a kind of new analysis framework of corporate strategy based on the previous study. It is called Tree-Style Strategy.
The Tree-Style Strategy illustrates the growth of corporations using an analogy of a tree’s growth. The origin of corporation’s growth is from a seed (product). The trunk is the corporation’s own core products and organizational capabilities. The branches, sprigs and leaves are made from the trunk, in the meantime, they absorb nutrients and moisture through the internal vascular bundle tissues of the trunk. They usually continue to expand towards to the front and rear, left and right, keeping with relations each other upward together. And also they are conceivable to be fertilized and pruned timely. According to the origin of species and the thickness of trunk, the Tree-Style Strategy can be divided in four patterns.
Using the Tree-Style Strategy, it is not only make the plus synergy occurred as a chain reaction with the time-progression, but also make the mechanism, interaction, dynamics of the growth elucidated from the mutual relations. By this framework, even though each corporation is varied in concrete products, complicated strategies can be simply visualized and easily mastered for anyone.


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